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Our mission as professional organizers is to put you back in control—when your belongings, home, living or work situation bring you nothing but stress and anxiety.

We are located in northern New Jersey and serve Bergen and Passaic Counties, and many other surrounding counties.

Please call us to inquire if we cover your area.

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"My sisters and I were introduced to Let Us Organize You (LUOY) when our mother passed away. We were overwhelmed and emotional. Our childhood house needed to be organized and cleaned-out to be sold. LUOY to the rescue!

"We met two extremely brilliant professionals, who outlined a course of action. We did not even know where to begin. A house full of memories and "things" from the year of the flood, which had to be either organized, thrown-out or cleaned. Beatrix and Rosemarie rolled up their sleeves and worked diligently along side us. They were sensible, organized, compassionate and caring; guiding us through each step.

"They provided more than just a "service", they were therapists and friends. They allowed us to grieve and mourn. Yet, they enabled us to embrace the next phase of our lives, all while getting the job done, in less time than expected. The house looks wonderful!

"To say, "thanks a million", would be an understatement. If you need the job done, LUOY is the way to go!

The Knaepen Family

"I recently found myself in the unpleasant position of having to pack up and move my office and do it in a hurry. Not well known for my organizational skills, I thought to myself:  "How am I going to get these ten years worth of files, volumes of manuals and a hodgepodge of computer gear packed up and moved — by the end of the month no less?"

"Then I remembered the great work that Let Us ORGANIZE You had done for me a few years back and I immediately began to relax! I called Beatrix Goudey and before I knew it, we were meeting in my office and planning the move. She gave me a schedule that would have me moved by the end of the month — along with an extremely accurate cost estimate. I couldn't believe my eyes when the movers showed up at my new location. All of my files were neatly packed, organized and labeled and as a result, setting up at my new location could not have been easier. I'm forever grateful to Let Us ORGANIZE You for doing a great job— at a great price— with time to spare!!!"


"I am a parent, raising teenagers and caring for elderly loved ones. We are blessed with many friends and a loving family, but when my spouse died, I was overwhelmed by caring for my family and taking care of the house. The basement and garage were filled with boxes and various items we had collected over the years. I decided that I needed help and support in order to begin putting my life back in order, so I searched the net, and found LUOY. As they say, the rest is history! I am beginning to look over my shoulder and see the clutter disappear, and what I want to keep — well organized and easy to locate. I have some distance to go, but LUOY has been wonderful, in more ways than one. Going through so many personal belongings has been difficult under the circumstances, and the people who are helping me are at all times sensitive, humorous, efficient and awfully good company. They have eased my stress and burden immeasurably by the way in which they have accommodated my schedule and needs, and helped me to move forward with a home organized for our new lives. They have assisted me in contributing many items to worthy organizations, helping me to feel good about others receiving benefit from things that are memorable to me and my family.

"I know it sounds like a cliche, but I don't know what I would have done without them!"


"I am a self-employed small business owner without any staff.  Over time, as my business volume increased, I would find myself completely out of control.  I would have files all over the place. Files stacked up on the floor, ready to tip over.  Files on top of cabinets.  Completed files just lying around in a heap.  If I ever needed to go to an old file (which is often the case in my business), it would take me an inordinate amount of valuable time just to find it.  In fact, I would come to the office some days and just feel lost in the wilderness. I always told myself that I would clean up the mess but never got around to it.

"Then I heard about Let Us Organize You (LUOY). LUOY came to my office, adroitly assessed the situation, put a proposal together and began work right on schedule. Considering the embarrassing shape that my office was in, LUOY did a miraculous job.  They cleaned and organized my overflowing files and then filed them precisely as we had agreed.  They even gave me very valuable advice, which I followed, on the most efficient file system for my profession. All this was done quickly and efficiently at a very reasonable cost. Now, I come to the office with the confidence that I know exactly where to go if I ever need a particular file.  I even have a renewed sense of pride in my surroundings and no longer have to say to clients, “Sorry about the mess”.

"LUOY receives from me my highest possible recommendation. In fact, I still can’t believe my eyes when I look around the office!"


$ 39.95 for binder clips . . .
$ 169.89 for file folders and hanging files . . .
Being able to find ANYTHING in our home office in one minute or less . . .
. . . PRICELESS!!! . . .
You ladies are AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!


"Beatrix and Rosemarie, you have been an indispensable presence and we couldn't be more delighted with our new working systems. Thanks again for all your help, hard work and patience! (We know it isn't always easy!)"

JB and EB

"Clutter can be the bane of a house or an office. I have seen Beatrix in action and was amazed at how she attacks and solves a big problem by breaking it up into little pieces. She is a pleasure to work with."

Michael C. Rudolph, Esq.

"Our family of four moved two times in three years. It seems that our junk and unorganized papers moved with us every time. Beatrix and Rosemarie painstakingly organized my office as well as numerous closets around the house.

"What seemed overwhelming to me was made simple by LUOY!

"Once organized, it is simple to maintain. I am so grateful to Beatrix and Rosemarie."

Carol E.

"Excellent job . . .
nice people . . .

Ruth Rosales-Gomes

"Let Us Organize You helped me reorganize my home and paperwork. They have a great talent for turning chaos into order. They are professional, understanding, fun, and hardworking. I highly recommend them."


"Thank you for the wonderful service. You are all a pleasure! I would recommend you to others!! The kitchen looks great!!!"

Michele James



"Your people... were wonderful, hard-working, creative & helpful!!! Thank you very much!"


"We were . . . very, very happy with the team! Beatrix was amazing!!!"


"We want to thank you for being such a great support during our relocation transition. Moving with 3 kids isn’t easy but you sure helped organize us so that we could start our new lives on the right foot.  It’s been almost a year now and I have to say that the organizational strategy that was implemented is still in place today and it WORKS.  Thank you so much for making my life neater."


Let Us ORGANIZE You, LLC is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

  • Member: National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
  • Member: NAPO Golden Circle
  • Member: NAPONNJ, Board of Directors: 2007 – 2011
  • Member: Glen Rock Chamber of Commerce
  • Member: Sunset Rotary of Paramus, Ridgewood & Glen Rock